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Our weekly meetings

  • We meet weekly over breakfast on a Wednesday morning at 7am in a function room of the Arkaba Hotel in Fullarton
  • Members give a 1 minute talk each week to provide the group with an insight into their business, and to encourage relevant referrals from other members and their contacts
  • Visitors are also given the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group
  • We also mention any 1 to 1 meetings we’ve arranged with other members to better understand their business, plus thank other members for any current referrals received
  • Each week a couple of members give a more comprehensive 15 minute talk, as an opportunity to present further details about themselves and their business
  • Each meeting follows an agenda and finishes at 8.30am
  • We have a structured process for recording referrals, and their $ value, which helps confirm the value of being a member of the ESBN networking group
  • Minimal financial commitment involved: a joining fee and $200 quarterly membership subscription

Some current members

Karen Conlon


Natasha Hemmerling

Legal Services

Domenic Verlingieri

Computer Consultant

Heather Thomas

Food & Wine Gift Hampers

Ryan Kelley

Digital Marketing

Martin Roach

Mortgage Broker

Peter Miller

Website Developer

Kathy Stolinski


Michael Lofting

Certification Systems

Ian Thomas


Gary Bennetts

Business Development

Rebecca Rose

Property Management

Jodi Wright

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Waldron

Trade Services – Electrical

Joel Togo

Senior Associate

Laura Butcher

Property Sales

Kelly Barnes


Seeking new members

We’re currently expanding the membership, and have vacancies for new members who can demonstrate they offer professional ethical products or services that don’t compete with the specific offerings of the existing members – and will bring value to the group and their contacts.

Without obligation, when a business seeks to become a member, an application is reviewed by the current committee, based on appropriate criteria, including the nature of your business.

So please use the enquiry form below, and we’ll be in contact to discuss the group with you, and invite you to a meeting as applicable.

Book a visit to a breakfast meeting

7am on a Wednesday at the Arkaba Hotel in Fullarton.